At Arden Post Acute Rehab, we want your patients to experience a smooth transition to post-acute care, without hassle or complaint. We are responsive, understanding, and flexible. We are aware that you have many skilled nursing facilities to choose from.


We want to be your go-to local facility, the skilled nursing center you can rely on for great rehab, great nursing care, and great skilled nursing care.

We are well aware of the risk that readmissions represent for you, and are committed to partnering with you to reduce such risk. We view it as our role to partner with you and assist you in achieving your length of stay goals.

Insurances & Reimbursement

Referring Patients

24/7 Admission

We truly provide around-the-clock care.

We are committed to this. At our Skilled Nursing Facility, we have Registered Nurses (RNs) on staff 7 days a week. We can give X-rays, medications, IV hydration, and any other required services any time needed, day or night.

Patients and family members even have 24-hour access to our management team and executives. We do this to ensure that all patients’ needs are met.

Get Healthy, Get Home

Our goal is not to be a place of long-term residence — it's to get patients back home quickly — healthy and independent. And we want to get our patients to feel like themselves again. We utilize a combination of therapies to assure success and full recovery.

Once a patient is admitted, from the very start, we evaluate their needs and devise a discharge plan. We start this on day one.

We tailor our plan to each individual so there is a safe transition home. Rehab services are instrumental in this process. To do this, we determine which therapies they’ll most benefit from: physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, or a combination of the three.

After they are home, we even follow up to make sure everything is going smoothly. Our entire goal is rehabilitation to prior level of function in order to lead a happy, healthy life with family.

Continued Care in Your Home

As health insurance and healthcare continues to transform, acute hospital stay length continues to shorten. Now, the average stay is only a few days and it's not enough time to recover — even from many routine surgeries. Skilled Nursing Facilities are the next step in the continuum of patient care after acute hospital stays.

Skilled Nursing Facilities provide therapy and rehab services that used to be done in acute hospital settings years ago. Now days, in the hospital setting, the focus is on the procedures and getting the patient to a stable point medically. This is no easy task.

But patients are discharged from the hospitals quickly — and often times patients are not strong enough yet to do things for themselves, and they're not really at a safe point to go straight home. It's the Skilled Nursing Facility's job to focus on recovery and therapies (occupational, speech, physical). Getting this special next step of care after the hospital helps patients get stronger and more independent before going home. It also decreases the chances of a return to the hospital.

Once a patient has progressed to the point where they're rehabilitated and strong enough to go home, the next step in the continuum is home health care. But this cannot happen if they don't have an in-between method of rehabilitation and therapy. We ensure a successful transition.


Healthcare is a continuum — it's really all one system. We're simply an extension of acute hospitals. People used to receive extensive procedural and rehabilitative care, all contained within a hospital — but laws and practices have changed the way things work. Patients today are discharged from the hospitals quickly.

We are the next logical step in care. In fact, you could almost think of it as if we were part of a hospital. Even today in an acute hospital setting, you move from different units within a hospital for different elements of care. A patient progresses from the ICU to a different care unit in the hospital after they've improved. After this point, the patient often still needs therapy to relearn skills and/or strengthen.

We are here for patients to get them strong and back home healthfully. This also helps reduce hospital readmissions, which often happens with patients when they don't receive the care they need to rehabilitate adequately.